About us

        Inspired by the modern, dynamic and urban woman, our bag and accessory collections not only make you stylish and powerful, but also make you feel comfortable and free. Each product reflects a unique blend of quality and innovation.

        Our respect for nature is demonstrated by our commitment to producing our products from natural and recyclable materials. Our limited edition products are handmade in Turkey down to the smallest detail.

        Join us on this extraordinary journey full of style and inspiration. "We would be happy to see you among us in this world where fashion meets passion and EDA & SEDA's dreams come to life in every elegant piece."

        "EDA & SEDA ÖZARI, the twin designers who nourish the spirit of our brand, are here as the pioneers of elegant and innovative style.

        They embarked on the fascinating journey of the fashion world with the strength and inspiration they received from each other through the unique bond of being twins.

              After graduating from a prestigious Italian High School in 2005, they studied fashion design in the elite classes of Politecnico Di Milano University.

              This training allowed them to perfect their skills and develop their vision, which would lead to creating their brand.

                    Design and production is not just a profession for EDA & SEDA, it is a way of life. A tool to express themselves, create happiness and empower others. 

                    Their sense of elegance and individualism comes to life in each of their designs.